Saturday, April 17, 2010

Keynotes from Robert Graves and Rosalía de Castro

Robert Graves' first verse of....
To Juan at the Winter Solstice

There is one story and one story only
That will prove worth your telling,
Whether by learned bard or gifted child;
To it all lines or lesser gauds belong
That startle with their shining
Such common stories as they stray into.

...from Rosalía de Castro:

Yo no sé lo que busco eternamente
en la tierra, en el aire y en el cielo;
yo no sé lo que busco, pero es algo
que perdí no sé cuando y que no encuentro,
aún cuando sueñe que invisible habita
en todo cuanto toco y cuanto veo.


I don’t know what I’m eternally seeking
on the earth, and in the air and in the sky;
I don’t know what I seek, but it is something
that I lost I don’t know when and do not find,
even when I dream that invisibly it resides
in everything I touch and all I see.

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